Good employees don't train themselves.

Your employees weren't born knowing how to stake down an inflatable slide.
JumpTrain teaches them the tools of the trade, saving you time and money.


Online Education for the Event Rental Industry

JumpTrain Online Academy teaches your employees how to safely and consistently perform the tasks that they'll do every day. From driving trucks to driving stakes, we've got it covered.


Who We Are ✓

Courses are designed by NAARSO-certified professionals drawing on 17 years of experience in the industry. Information sources include NAARSO, ASTM guidelines, leading industry manufacturers guidelines, and in field experience.


Built for learning

Everyone learns differently. JumpTrain uses a combination of video, audio, graphics, and text to provide a learning environment that will appeal to all of your employees. And thorough quizzes help reinforce what they've learned.

Everyone wins !

Better-educated employees mean fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs, and higher overall customer satisfaction. Best of all, it's easy and inexpensive!