Bungee Trampoline Operation

About this course

Bungee Trampoline Operation is an educational course designed to teach the student the basics to operating a bungee trampoline.   While there are a number of different models on the market that operate in very different ways, this course covers many of the basics that are common to most units.      It is created in a way that the material is easy to learn, understand, and digest by the average person.     This course is comprised of 5 sections.  It is presented in an all video format that combines in classroom style teaching with field instruction.     After the student watches the video there is a multiple choice test.   They must answer all questions correctly in order to advance to the next section.  If they don’t, they will have to go back and review the material, then try again.   Once they have passed each section they will receive a personalized certificate showing they passed the course.   On average it will take the student around 30 minutes to complete start to finish.

What does the content look like?

Below you will find an outline of the course and demo videos where you can preview the content.

Section 1: Introduction

This section is a "get your feet wet" introduction to how the course works and what steps you need to take.   You can preview the content in the video below.

Section 2: Installation

This section primarily helps the students become familiar with some of the primary critical components of the system.   It also touches on some safety procedures when raising poles into the air, evaluating a setup site, pre-opening inspections, and spectator control.  You can preview the content in the video below.

Section 3: Harnessing

This section dives into a lot of detail in how to harness a participant.   Additional topics range from waist belt placement, elastics, carabiner operation, safety procedures, and participant requirements.   You can preview the content in the video below.

Section 4: Operation

This is the longest section of the course and gets into many of the common mistakes in operation or issues an operator could run into.   Topics include electric hoist operation/ dos and don'ts, proper elastic tension, swinging, dangers of distracted operating, and what to do in the event of a power loss.  It will also touch on safety procedures.   You can preview the content in the video below.

Section 5: Conclusion

Finishing out the course we cover evaluating when to close the line at the end of an event, dealing with unreasonable customers, and breakdown safety.   You can preview the content in the video below.

What is included with this Group Access Plan?


  • Group access to the Bungee Trampoline Operation course through December 31, 2020.
  • Up to 20 students can take the course on this plan.
  • Need more students?   Contact us for a custom sized plan that meets your needs!