About this course

Inflatables Level 1 is designed to educate primary installers on the correct way to setup inflatables for an event.   It covers all the important information common to most inflatables without branching off into specifics that may vary from company to company.   Course materials are based on industry accepted standards and are current with ASTM F2374-17.   It is created in a way that the material is easy to learn, understand, and digest by the common employee.     This course is comprised of 7 sections.  It is presented in an all video format that features Emmy award winning Fox 17 investigative reporter Dennis Ferrier providing the on camera instruction.     After the student watches the video there is a multiple choice test.   They must answer all questions correctly in order to advance to the next section.  If they don’t, they will have to go back and review the material, then try again.   Once they have passed each section they will receive a personalized certificate showing they passed the course.   On average it will take the student around an hour to complete start to finish.

Section 1: Introduction

This covers terminology and works with becoming familiar with all the different components of the setup.

Section 2: Basic Electrical

This important topic covers everything from GFCI outlets to the proper way to run an electrical cord.   Students will gain a basic understanding on how electricity works and why it is important for them to know.   They will also learn some important problem solving skills to resolve common issues that will arise.

Section 3: Generators and Hand Trucks

Here the student will learn where to locate a portable generator, how to operate it, and common problem solving.   Techniques used to move heavy equipment is also covered.

Section 4: Weather

Perhaps one of the most important sections deals with weather.   A strong emphasis is placed on wind- how do we measure it, how do we know when it is too high, and why all this is so important to know.

Section 5:  Setup

We go step by step here from finding the proper setup location to locating hazards above and below ground.   Watch each step all the way to inflation.

Section 6: Anchors and Final Inspection

This covers how to determine where to set anchors, how many, how deep, and when to switch to weighted anchors.   Learn how to easily remove stakes from the ground and why it is important to always perform a final inspection.

Section 7: Operation and Breakdown

Here the student will learn the proper way to break down an inflatable.   Also covered here is grouping items together and walking the site before you leave to reduce the chances of leaving something behind.