JumpTrain Online Academy 2019 Membership

A membership provides most companies with the best value.   As a member, you get access to special deeply discounted rates for purchasing courses.    Purchase the quantity that best fits your business.   If you run out later in the year you can come back and get more as you need.   You have access to the exclusive membership rates as long as your membership is active.   In addition, all members will receive a custom safety badge with their company name that can be posted on your website.   In an industry where customers are more safety conscious than ever,  this can help set your company apart from your competition.


  • Exclusive access to purchase Inflatables Level 1 at $14.99 per course.
  • Exclusive access to purchase Vehicle Operation at $14.99 per course.
  • Free one time access to the Inflatables Level 1 course for the membership owner
  • Free one time access to the Vehicle Operation course for the membership owner
  • Unlimited access to the Monitors Safety Course.
  • Unlimited access to the Basic Inflatable Installation video.
  • Badge you can display on your website to let visitors know you are safety trained through JumpTrain Online Academy.

*Your membership renews annually on December 31.