Mechanical Bull

about this course

This course is designed to educate staff on how to properly and safely operate a mechanical bull.   It covers all the important information common to most units and manufacturers without branching off into specifics that may vary from company to company.   Course materials are based on industry and manufacturer accepted standards and are current with ASTM F2374-17.   It is created in a way that the material is easy to learn, understand, and digest by the common user.     This course is comprised of 4 sections.  It is presented in an all video format that features a combination of Emmy award winning Fox 17 investigative reporter Dennis Ferrier and a more traditional classroom instructional setting.    After the student watches the videos in each section there is a multiple choice knowledge test.   They must answer all questions correctly in order to advance to the next section.  If they don’t, they will have to go back and review the material, then try again.   Once they have passed each section they will receive a personalized certificate showing they passed the course.   On average it will take the student around 50 minutes to complete start to finish.

course demo video

course outline

Section 1- Installation:

In this section we cover general points that are common to most modern units

  • Proper blower attachment
  • Generators
  • Safety buffer zones
  • Pre-opening inspections.

Section 2- Preparing for Operation:

In this section we will cover the topic points below

  • Becoming familiar with the console
  • Distractions
  • Use of automatic programs

Section 3- Operation:

In this section we cover the points below:

  • Crowd pressure
  • Alcohol
  • Restrictions
  • Waivers
  • Controlling entrance/ exit
  • How to mount the bull
  • Proper rider positioning
  • Operating techniques
  • Operating with children
  • Accident procedures

Section 4- Conclusion:

In this section we cover the points below

  • Managing spectators
  • Identifying mechanical issues
  • Rain and weather