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What is a jumptrain Membership?

A Jumptrain Membership includes access to every course we offer.    Members will receive a set amount of complimentary students to start.   You will also have the option of purchasing more if needed at membership only pricing.   You will have access to this pricing as long as your membership is active.   Learn what material is covered in each course by clicking the "Learn More"  button on each course listed below.    All students who pass our courses will receive an achievement award showing proof they completed the course.   These certificates not only could protect you in the event of a lawsuit but also may provide you a discount on your liability insurance ( contact your agent to find out if they have a program that qualifies ).

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What counts as a student?

A student is anyone who registers for a course.   It could be the business owner, an employee, or even a customer.   It would be as if you purchased a seat in a class.   For instance, if you had 8 employees you wanted to take a course- you would need a total of 8 students.

How much does it cost?

Your membership is good for 1 year from the date of purchase.    It is an annual plan that is paid in monthly installments over the course of 12 months ( 12 payments of $34.99).

How many students are included?

With your membership you receive a complimentary amount of students in the 3 basic courses that every inflatable operator should take.   The included amounts are listed  below:

-Inflatables Level 1 includes 10 students

-Vehicle Operation includes 5 students

-Monitors includes 50 students

***Specialty Courses such as Mechanical Bull Operation and Bungee Trampoline Operation are purchased on a per student basis as you need.

What if I need more students?

You can add additional students to any course at any point during your membership.   Additional students are sold in packs of 5.  In other words each pack includes 5 students.

-Inflatables Level 1 ( $20 per pack )

-Vehicle Operation ( $20 per pack )

-Monitors ( $10 per pack )

-Mechanical Bull Operation ( $50 per pack )

-Bungee Trampoline ( $50 per pack )


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