about this course

Vehicle Operation is designed to educate delivery drivers on the ins and the outs of driving a truck or towing a trailer.   It shows the students how driving a large rig is different than driving your passenger vehicle.   This course is comprised of 7 sections covering all the important but common mistakes made by inexperience drivers often found behind the wheel in the inflatable industry.  It is presented in an all video format that features Emmy award winning Fox 17 investigative reporter Dennis Ferrier providing the on camera instruction.    After the student watches the video, there is a multiple choice test.   They must answer all questions correctly in order to advance to the next section.   If they don’t, they will have to go back and review the material, then try again.   Once they have passed each section they will receive a personalized certificate showing they passed the course.   On average it will take the student around an hour to complete start to finish.

Section 1: Documentation

This section covers some of the documentation that may be required to drive a truck or tow a trailer.

Section 2: Inspection

Here the student learns when to do an inspection and why inspecting the rig frequently is so important for safety and reliability.

Section 3: Tires

Learn about how to check air pressure, what to do in the event of a blowout, how to prevent tire damage, and how to change a flat tire.

Section 4: Driving 1

The first of 2 sections that covers on the road driving situations.   Topics such as stopping distance, how to handle a grade, sharp turns, and navigation are all covered.

Section 5: Driving 2

Here we cover low bridges, making turns out of a tight parking lot,  making right and left hand turns, and backing up.

Section 6: Operation

In this section we talk about air brakes and the ways in which they operate differently from your standard hydraulic brakes.   Also covered here is DEF fluid, when to fuel up, and driving off roads at an event site.

Section 7: Towing a trailer

So many accidents and mistakes are made when towing a trailer.   Students will learn everything start to finish.   The proper way to hitch up, operating trailer brakes, and the proper way to load a trailer.